What are the different types of boom truck cranes?

In construction of buildings, either for telecommunications or electricity purposes, lifting and transportation of heavy materials are a frequent activity. Boom truck cranes have the capability to transport heavy loads from one site to another in an easy process. A turntable, rotating platform or a turntable in the center, control cabin, fixed or telescopic or boom, etc. are the significant parts of a boom truck use by various rigging services. Boom trucks are used for several purposes by using a boom winch to recover or transport heavy items to remote areas whether a ditch, hillside or to the top of a building. These are placed on large trucks, which help in transporting construction material between different sites. There are different types of cranes which are briefed below:

boom truck

Different types of boom trucks

Majorly, there are two types of boom truck cranes: fixed cab and swing cab. These types of boom trucks serve their unique functions for different type of services and have their own special characteristics which make them suitable for these types of services intended to be carried out by them.

Fixed cab

Fixed cab is a crane, which has a built in cabin facing in one precise direction. It is the most common type of boom truck. The unique function of this type of boom truck crane is to restrict the load that has to be lifted by boom truck cranes. These are very versatile due to its ability to move itself and transport the load to the designated site. There are few challenges in operating fixed cab trucks like lift-planning and obstructed lifts.

Swing cab

When compared to fixed cab type, swing cab boom truck is more useful and versatile. These kinds of cranes have the ability to move the operator’s cabin in tune with the boom’s movement. Along with these, the swing cab type of boom trucks has improved vision and greater mobility functions. If these types of boom trucks have telescopic function, then it can improve the application of these trucks. And are also preferred by the construction companies due to this capability.

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Other types of trucks

There is another type of boom trucks such as bucket trucks. The bucket truck is a type of aerial platform which consists of an aerial device attached in a truck. These trucks can also be attached on trailers or industrial vans. The truck’s lifting arm is attached to a bucket and in this bucket the worker can stand safely and perform all the activities required for lifting, dropping and transporting the load. Extra safety can be provided if the buckets are made of fiberglass or other nonconducting materials which can safeguard the operator from the problem of electrical shock. Other accessories like wire dispenser, boom strap, air compressor can be made available in the bucket to make it secured for the operator. The telecom companies prefer these types of trucks, which require activities to be at great heights. Similarly, forestry work also requires these types of trucks. The bucket trucks are also of different types such as cherry pickers, versa lift, and digger derrick.